Monday, September 8, 2008

September 8, 2008

Today was a great day for a Monday!

A tried out his new letter practice books and LOVED them. He played for 15 minutes on the math trainer at He also completed 6 pages in his Phonics workbook. He finished up by going for a visit to Grandma and Papa's.

J came home this afternoon (he was visiting at Grandma and Papa's) so he skipped morning work and bounced straight in to afternoon work. We read the first two chapters of Story of the World out loud.

K worked on some inference, dividing decimals by whole numbers and a page in his spelling skills workbook. (still need to find a program to use for spelling with him) He was the one that read Story of the World out loud for the most part.

I downloaded a program to help me keep track of their assignments and lessons. I'm testing it out now and like it but need to work out the kinks.

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lilizzyykittyymom said...

How did they like the Story of the World? We are going to start that soon :)